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Old Comments:

2010-05-30 12:53:40
The one in Mexico City is the Nautilus House and it is equally amazing, well worth googling if you like unusual, and beautiful, buildings.
2010-05-29 22:52:41
Apparently there IS a Seashell House in Mexixo City, but it is different to the one in the above photo. (See link below)... Seems like Jacksparrow that they got the location wrong in the Flickr link you have supplied ..
2010-05-29 17:56:00
Oops! Mispelt - that should have been Alley Oop.
2010-05-29 17:37:58
Seashell House is correct, Jacksparrow, however it is on the Isle Mujeres and not in Mexico City. Isle Mujeres is a Mexican island in the Gulf of Mexico and close to Cancun.
2010-05-29 14:47:03
A gorgeous imaginative house and I believe that it is possible to rent it for a holiday on the island. I would love to do that but am unlikely to get the chance to do so.
2010-05-29 13:05:57
I love it!
2010-05-29 13:05:23
Seashell house in Mexico City here's another view
2010-05-29 12:48:43
Ally Oop! I wonder what the story of this house is? Can anyone tell us about it?