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Old Comments:

2010-11-10 21:30:37
Girls & boys! Time out.. :) and have a nice day
2010-11-10 19:28:06
is that all? so you cannot answer? of course not. what else can we expect from a loser like Patito. Deleting a comment is much more easier! PS: now you show your true colors, Patito! 1st: extreme downvote of uncomfortable comments (where is the difference between you and a troll again???) 2nd: the next +20 votes cheating for this pic. 3rd: deletion of comments like this and others (e.g. from Valeris "Patito is unacceptable" written yesterday) 4th: you are only extremely vulgar and not funny. 5th: you are even worse than every "troll" or "downvoter"! 6th: everyone will know your -or your "friends"- answer yet... (try to make NO fool of yourself again!) 7th: Have a nice day : )
2010-11-10 02:15:50
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day ... :(
2010-11-09 03:42:21
The main difference between Peasant and you , YAD, is that he is smarter than you are, considerably better looking, has brighter teeth and sweeter breath, a nimbler wit and possess an incomparably more subtle and sophisticated sense of humor than you. Plus, he doesn't smell like a pig ( which you do ),his parents were actually married (which yours weren't ) , and he doesn't run on all fours, drag his knuckles when he walks, howl at the moon, or go around sniffing bicycle seats ( all of which you do). Hope I've cleared this little matter up for you. Have a nice day : )
2010-11-09 03:15:34
oh you are back..great!!..welcome!!
2010-11-09 03:10:31
this pic get the 2nd +20 votes cheating bonus today! where is the difference between you and a troll???
2010-11-09 02:58:57
Hehe, he won't buy this comment, because " I wrote it to myself ", remember you are peasant&patito... lol
2010-11-09 02:54:24
oh no no..he is the only stupid person here...maybe he realized that's why he's crying..
2010-11-09 02:54:24
Gotta go. I hope that I'll find tomorrow a more cooperative troll, this one was too sensitive. :I
2010-11-09 02:41:48
You think he's crying because he's no longer the stupidest person here? ;)
2010-11-09 02:33:26
peasant..probably he is crying right now...we made him sad...:P
2010-11-09 02:21:49
I don't get it! How do you manage to have fight wit troll's whole 4 days and I can't get a few comments from them?
2010-11-09 02:12:31
Problem PixdausVisitor? You can't out talk a stupid man? ts ts ts...
2010-11-09 01:32:38
oh...:( did he upset u? did u cry?....i'm so so sorry...really i am...patito is bad...very very upset a little boy like you...
2010-11-09 00:46:10
wtf r u talking about? neither pixdausvisitor nor pixdais visitor is a registered nick! u r full of scheiƟ and u know it!
2010-11-09 00:39:31
Plain stupid? I'm very COMPLICATED stupid man! You need to apologize to me!
2010-11-09 00:28:22
You must be plain stupid when you're not aware that your friend Patito wrote it!
2010-11-09 00:17:22
Did you wrote a comment under my upload of dog below or not?
2010-11-09 00:01:50
That's what I called silly games: Patito now registered the name "Pixdaus Visitor" and write his typical wish-wash. He upvoted this and other crap pics with +20 again. But he still contend that "trolls" are the wrong-doers! And he still believe that nobody noticed that he used many many names. HE is a disgrace to Pixdaus! Patito is annoying. Think of it.
2010-11-08 22:02:56
If you are not downvoting...and you are just a visitor as you come do you know abut any "silly games"?
2010-11-08 21:57:33
who don't make jokes like're the only one who craps here...
2010-11-08 21:56:27
oh just look at that..."-6" everywhere looks beautiful looks great...just proves who the cheater is...I think you're very proud of yourself...
2010-11-08 21:55:19
I'm not downvoting here! But thankfully someone did downvote your bullshit!
2010-11-08 21:52:17
pixdaus visitor're not a visitor here at all're the same moron who enjoys downvoting pictures and comments..
2010-11-08 21:47:18
2010-11-08 21:46:59
just what i also wondered, witchgirl :)
2010-11-08 21:46:39
Because you and your self-righteous comments are too annyoing? Or Pixdaus users are fed up to the back teeth of your silly games!
2010-11-08 21:44:47
and again..-6 from one do you do that? : ))
2010-11-08 21:42:03
To "Pixdaus Visitor" : how come the only comment with positive votes is yours? and still...we are the ones that cheat...mhm...interesting...
2010-11-08 21:37:18
the trolls are turning the tables on themselves, how hilarious is that? :D
2010-11-08 21:31:26
o dear..i just posted the comment and it already has -6 votes...who is cheating you morron...???
2010-11-08 21:29:52
Sorry, PV, but I didn't post this. However, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that you are, in fact, an annoying shit. Go diddle your goat. Thanks.
2010-11-08 21:28:58
Well I like your poem PG..:D it's great...they accuse others for cheating votes..still our comments have lots of "-" votes...actually too many "-" votes... so who is cheating ? i think it is obvious...
2010-11-08 21:22:25
never mind, pg, that was a great poem! that's what downvoters do, they downvote. :(
2010-11-08 21:21:40
Can you please stop this annoying shit, Patito? Thanks.
2010-11-08 21:12:41
Looks like poems get downvoted too, (sigh)... Oh well.... :(
2010-11-08 13:44:48
THE DOWNVOTER..... The down voter votes and down goes the pic it's enough to make you feel ill and quite sick Thought my pic was good but what have we here ? The down voter hates it and gives it a sneer I like to post photos all different ones but the downvoter he likes to make fun His life must be empty his life must be bland that's why he comes here to vote as planned What will I do ignore such a one ? or continue to post and have my own fun ? Mr Downvoter please won't you smile being on Pixdaus is truly worthwhile Take the time to learn from the photo be a good person not some kind of so so Mr Downvoter how I wish that we could get on and co exist but alas we continue to be the very worst of enemies... :( Written by PictureGirl 8th November, 2010
2010-11-08 10:29:54
DOWN VOTERS UNITE!! Keep Down Voting it's hard work, but we must do it!! If we can spoil just one persons day...that is all the reward we need. Nobody thanks us for this work but we keep right on doing it. Why? because we have nothing better to do our lives are empty and meaningless so if we can have this small satisfaction from insulting people or down voting, it makes us feel powerful!!!! yes, it's pathetic and our lives suck, but what else can we do? :PPPP