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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2009-11-11 15:19:45
Listen, Lilly, if you're well enough to play games on the computer, you're well enough to post pics on Pixdaus, right? ;-) You're depriving us of your excellent pics, your friendship, your comments, ... just start looking for pics and get to work, ok?
2009-11-11 14:32:37
give me a few months...been playin a new game on facebook...farmtown taking to much of my time... but i've reached the top slowin down on miss you gals...still out there... may come back soon,just allot has happened since aug. whoe....anyway...whoe....take care my friend more poems to come...'-)
2009-11-10 16:26:10
You have to return - we all miss you! You're part of the Old Gang, and too many have just disappeared... You take care, too, and we'll be thinking about you and our prayers are with you...
2009-11-10 14:36:27
hay poppy...stopp'in by to say hello...its been a yr for me... but havn't forgotten you... although you probably think i left the planet. doing better..but not over yet. take care my friend.. i may someday return.