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2010-09-17 04:22:25
2010-09-03 16:14:12
The Clearing provides diverse educational experiences in the folk school tradition, in a setting of quiet forests, meadows and water. The Clearing is a place where adults who share an interest in nature, arts or humanities can learn, reflect and wonder. This is one of the cabins where participants stay while attending. Located near the tip of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula, The Clearing is situated on the Niagara Escarpment, a limestone cliff that rises out of Lake Michigan's Green Bay and defines the western edge of Door County. The Clearing's physical assets -- beautiful views of the water and the setting sun, historic stone and log buildings and hiking trails that wind through the property's 130 acres of forest and meadow - combine to create one of Door County's great cultural and natural treasures. (info taken from photographer´s portfolio)