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Old Comments:

2009-12-24 02:16:35
Sretan Božić Connie! ( Marry Christmas )
2009-12-24 00:57:25
Merry Christmas from me too
2009-12-24 00:19:53
Merry Christmas, Connie!!
2009-12-23 15:31:48
No - it's a Kiwi Christmas song "Te Harinui" The chorus refers to Marsden’s Christmas Service, which included a verse from the bible referring to ‘great joy’ (*te harinui*).
2009-12-23 15:24:57
Lovely Myke - Is this called the Maori Prayer?
2009-12-23 15:15:40
Thank You Connie Kia Ora - Te Harinui 1. Not on a snowy night By star or candlelight Nor by an angel band There came to our dear land Te Harinui Te Harinui Te Hari-nu-i Glad tid-ings of great joy 2. But on a summer day Within a quiet bay The Maori people heard The great and glorious word 3. The people gathered round Upon the grassy ground And heard the preacher say I bring to you this day 4. Now in this blessed land United heart and hand We praise the glorious birth And sing to all the earth The Rev Samuel Marsden first preached the Gospel at the Bay of Islands, New Zealand on Christmas Day 1814