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Old Comments:

2010-12-25 04:30:42
Thank you, Stefanie. It's important to realize that tens of thousands of people visit this site, and all bring different tastes and preferences and expectations. I see lots of pics I don't care for and often see pics I've seen before, either here or on other websites, but it's easy just to go on the next pic without making a federal case out of every little thing.
2010-12-25 03:30:46
Hi ragana, I'm fairly new here also...and I have really enjoyed the pics just like you...but I have noticed that Happyjack complains a lot about the amount of votes on his pics...which I think can be irratating for those of us who like reading the comments under the pics ...And that and the complaints about reposts... could be the reason for so many squabbles.... it's my impression that the people who post pics here are not the photographers themselves, but they are regular people who search the internet for pics to post here, so they post the pictures that they like...just a suggestion but if you don't like a pic you can scroll past it untill you find the pics you do like...because we all have different taste, I think you said in your last comment you were tired of bird pics, I happen to like pics of birds, we have to allow for differences.
2010-12-25 02:48:04
Hi, Happy Jack..I am so sorry to have caused such a ruckus for you. All I wanted was an answer to a concern that I had and really didn't know how and where to send it. Since there were already comments on your posting, I thought I would get some answers. I found Pixdaus accidentally over a year ago and enjoyed so many fantastic pics..subject and quality wise. All I knew was, as stated in home page, that this is a Nature Photography site and wanted to know what was the reason for the decline. So, since I posted my comments to you, this is what I learned: adults accusing and squabbling with each other...a hamburger and pizza revenge..and some really mean comments about each other, includind me. I am not into politics so it became very clear why the quality has gone down. Egos, egos, egos...I will be patient until the adults grow up and again wow us with their talent. You can trash these comments...don't care and will not respond again. Love this site and will make it my 2012 resolution to thank for the the pics that I like. Sorry again, Happy Jack..have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Adios!