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Old Comments:

2010-12-26 09:33:56
Nunca salga a la lucha, Patito ! Dicen loa pendejos besar tu culo ! Feliz Navidad y Viva la Raza !
2010-12-26 06:48:58
Merry Christmas doggie - woof woof
2010-12-26 04:58:46
Have a great one patito...
2010-12-26 04:13:02
Merry Christmas Patito's dog!.... Merry Christmas to you too Patito! :)
2010-12-26 02:28:45
Que ? You "hope that Christmas have a very bad ugly duckling?" What the hell is that supposed to mean ?
2010-12-26 01:57:35
Espero que la Navidad Tener un patito feo muy malo
2010-12-26 00:34:56
Feliz Navidad, Patito :)