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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2010-12-26 12:40:12
Le mien est Aline Marie libellule
2010-12-26 11:21:05
Joyeux Noel Anne! :)
2010-12-26 11:20:12
That's nice to know Danis, because I've always liked your name, I tried to register with my real name Rebecca, when I started here, but it was already taken :(
2010-12-26 10:52:57
Danis, mine is "Anne" ...
2010-12-26 08:07:44
Efharisto skip, and I would like to tell you that "Danis" is my real name..:)
2010-12-26 04:15:03
Kala Xristouyenna, Danis! :)
2010-12-26 00:19:09
Merci, Connie and libellule :)!
2010-12-25 19:35:10
Merci, Connie ! Vous aussi, Connie, ayez une journée de joie et de paix :)
2010-12-25 19:05:29
Merry Christmas Danis Joyeux Noël a vous et votre famille, libellude
2010-12-25 18:33:58
Merry Christmas, Danis :) Have a good day with all your family :)