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Old Comments:

2008-05-17 20:41:10
I like it. Wish it were clearer.
2008-05-17 18:47:43
Dear heathen: First let me say that I had no idea that Pixdaus has risen to the level of a religion. That said, and not wanting a Jihah, crusade, etc., I must admit that I am unaware of the religious tenets of the faith. The point: this is an interesting picture to some people with scientific interests in that it show why we use the term barometer. It would like a picture of an early punch-card machine to those of us who worked on the early computer systems. It's shown in the belief that Pixdaus visitors/members/adherents are a bellcurve (cool, huh) distribution of the interests of the collective. Hence, it is not possible to predict what people will or will not like or want.
2008-05-17 12:13:51
ummm..yeah...ok., but why is this on pixdaus? sorry, i'm an ignorant heathen.