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Posted By:Nifty

Old Comments:

2011-05-12 07:40:23
You are very welcome, Neville. I've always liked that name. I used to be a dental nurse working in the old dental hospital and I used to work with a dentist named, Neville. I don't work anymore now due to my depression. Yes, another cold, grey and wet day. I've just been out in that rain too. I had to help someone with his shopping. It's always good to be back home on days like this with a hot cup of tea in front of the heater. I hope you stay warm too, Neville, (Nifty). Please take care.... :)
2011-05-12 02:29:36
Thank you Mary, my name is Neville , Nifty is just the none too original nickname some people have given me. Another cool day today so stay warm.
2011-05-11 09:29:34
Please feel welcome to call me Mary, Nifty. You are very welcome with the comment I made about your photo. Yes, that's the Melbourne we love alright. Four seasons in the one day, that's us... :) I'm glad that we could see the sun come out on the odd occasions today. But I tell you what, I would much prefer this cold to the heat we get, any day. Warm regards, Nifty... :)
2011-05-11 09:06:59
Hi PictureGirl, Thanks for the kind comment , it certainly is cold today but that's the Melbourne we love. Keep smiling. All the best.
2011-05-11 07:52:17
Lovely photo, nifty. Wish we could have some of that blue sky today though. I've never known it so cold and bleak. Hope you're keeping warm, nifty. Take care.... :)