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Old Comments:

2009-09-19 15:25:10
Thatīs exactly what I mean...that it must be limited to 98 or 100 characters...
2009-09-19 14:52:41
Thanks, Jack, you know everything! - I am still baffling over the size of the pics, though. Does the maximum allowable pic size (without being an over-sized pic) include the frame or not?
2009-09-19 14:41:41
It must be just limited to 98 characters (spaces included). They need a counter like ebay has for leaving feedback.
2009-09-19 14:32:24
That does not make sense, because if it CAN go to the second line, why can it not go to the end of that line? ;-)
2009-09-19 14:08:11
You have 98 digits in your title, so I guess it holds a 100 maybe?
2009-09-19 13:58:33
I wish they'd tell us how many digits the title can hold... Photo is by didiemarc. ;-) Happy Weekend, evryone!