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Old Comments:

2009-04-29 06:49:11
Great! A perfect analogy for the US Media!
2009-04-01 08:47:07
No answer. You see that green soap works: after that, all is irony. By the way: it’s no need to give answer now because I will from now on less frequent Pixdaus due to own taken decision plus enforced by circumstances. I know, “hurrah” ...
2009-03-31 01:10:36
Explain yourself because I’m not the superman as you are…
2009-03-31 00:25:24
Cohise admonishes another commenter for "talking nonsense" nomination for "Most Entertaining Irony of the Year" award...
2009-03-30 23:50:17
Wash your mouth with green soap, perhaps that can help you to talk less nonsense.
2009-03-30 23:36:13
While you're at it, take the Hitler Challenge and read "Mein Kampf." It's chock full of hints every young up-and-coming fascist will find useful.
2009-03-30 23:34:29
Really nice drawing and I mean it. The rest I don’t know what it mean. But anyway – I can’t give you half marks – so I’ll give you all the marks. No really, no thanks.
2009-03-30 23:26:11
Take the Limbaugh Challenge: