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Old Comments:

2009-03-15 20:56:55
I always thought jchip8 was a guy
2009-03-15 17:00:54
2009-03-09 07:38:28
Jchip8 is a HOTTIE !!!!!!
2009-03-09 06:36:20
She was busy concentrating on her next move -why doesn't someone photoshop a smile on her?
2009-03-08 10:09:19
Have to agree with loziotazio on this one jchip8 - a smile would have got my vote.
2009-03-08 10:00:00
Hey jchip8 I always had you pictured as a brunette but you are lookin good mama! You go girl!
2009-03-08 08:10:02
Fine!, you were a very nice girl and now you are a very beautiful woman! But, listen to me, smile; only a little, please.