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Old Comments:

2010-04-27 09:02:45
To dear conniie You're getting better at this. This editing is even funnier. Keep up the good work. My laugh for the day. Your dear friend connie
2010-04-27 08:05:32
HoHoo, Thatís not The Man with the Funny Moustache, I see now. Thatís a troll: conniie (2 i).
2010-04-27 07:23:50
April 25 anno 2010 and ahaa ! The Man with the Funny Moustache spotted in Paris now. Paris, yes so it is; in the distance you can still recognize the vague contours of the Bridge of the Victory (Pont de la Victoire), if you take off your sun-glasses, of course. An not unimportant and odd detail strikes the eye: apparently The Man with the Funny Moustache seems to be a woman. Keep that up with your statistics, Connie.