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Posted By:conniie

Old Comments:

2010-04-27 10:30:36
I remember the Frito Bandito. I don't know about a gun belt fbo. I did target practise at a rifle range just outside of Vancouver. I could not hit the side of a barn not matter what.
2010-04-27 08:07:02
HoHoo, Thatís not The Man with the Funny Moustache, I see now. Thatís a troll: conniie (2 i).
2010-04-27 07:19:48
April 25 anno 2010 and ahaa ! The Man with the Funny Moustache spotted in Paris now. Paris, yes so it is; in the distance you can still recognize the vague contours of the Bridge of the Victory (Pont de la Victoire), if you take off your sun-glasses, of course. An not unimportant and odd detail strikes the eye: apparently The Man with the Funny Moustache seems to be a woman. Keep that up with your statistics, Connie.
2010-04-27 06:19:49
Doesn't this remind you of the Frito Bandito? All Connie needs is a sombrero and a gun belt.....(does anyone remember the frito bandito?)
2010-04-26 22:53:05
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. That is very, very true when it comes to eating while one is on vacation.
2010-04-26 12:12:10
PapaCarolo and conniie trolls could very well be Patito, or just another troll being funny...who doesn't matter. Whoever it is, he's or she was funny. The other peking stuff is not funny nor annoying...just boring and repetitive. Thanks for the compliment COY. I actually put on some weight when I was in France that summer and again the following summer of 2009. My French cousins spoiled me with a lot of good food. On my own, I ate a lot of creme brulť, quiches, baguette sandwiches etc in restaurants. Too much carbohydrates!
2010-04-26 11:23:49
Made an error .. Meant to say that you thought conniie might be Patito.
2010-04-26 11:20:12
Well connie, it seems that you think PapaCarlo might be Patito. I would not know about that, but whoever it is they are quite mixed up, ha, ha. I think you are a fine looking WOMAN. I was going to comment on a prior posting of yourself, but never got around to it. I know that you are going to be 65 years of age this June, and I think you are holding your age very well. Still slim, good complexion and appear to be very healthy. Keep on doing whatever you have been doing.
2010-04-26 11:07:46
Well conniie (aka Patito) - I might post another one of my photos tomorrow. So, get your creative juices working while anticipating with glee what you will create again. Maybe longer hair might be a good idea. Your very dear friend Connie
2010-04-26 11:02:26
Well Patito, I used to be a girl. Then I had a pssst... little operation, and voila! I'm now a boy...a cute one too.
2010-04-26 09:58:42
Is this a guy or a girl ?
2010-04-26 07:00:00
I forgot to add - I gave you my 3 votes - for your sense of humour and creativity...and quick response;-)
2010-04-26 06:57:16
That's wonderful that you can do that, and so quick! It only took you about 5 mnts after I posted it. Did you use the paint program? Now I look like a fine looking debonair Parisian fellow. I just need to cap one of my teeth, get a top hat and cane...and voila! I love the caption. I have a sense of humour and I love to poke fun at gotta laugh ;-) People downvoting my photo - it's ok because I had no intention of leaving it on Pixdaus more than a couple of days like the two others...then I ask Pixdaus to remove it. You're saving me a e-mail ;-)