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Posted By:Logan5

Old Comments:

2009-06-23 20:11:33
2009-04-20 04:47:54
Nice pic. A real beautiful landscape. Just a bit pity there are so many trees, hills, valleys, fields and so on in this pic which alas prevent a real wide overlook on the whole scenery. But otherwise a really nice pic.
2009-04-16 07:21:55
Dear Logan, I completely agree with Patito! I think you publish really good pics. Just a favor: can you please add a little bit more explanation to your pics? In this case I mean the place showed... Thanks in advance and go ahead!
2009-04-15 19:23:17
i like this picture
2009-04-15 03:19:18
I get downvoted even while I'm still uploading photos. In many cases, people vote for the username, not the photo itself. Unless you're the photographer, it doesn't mean a thing. I see the vote went up, because now it says 14.
2009-04-14 22:17:23
This is a public place, Logan, sort of like a big mall..for better or for worse, anybody is free to walk in, comment, or vote...and as you know, the world is full of jerks, assholes, hoodlums, punks, delinquents and every once in a while a herd of little juvenile mall rats comes running through here downvoting everything they see that doesn't have big's a form of vandalism, the equivalent of smashing windows or overturning trash cans..I wish we could grab 'em by the collars and kick their sorry little asses up between their shoulder blades, but we can''s just something we have to live with..don't let it discourage you...
2009-04-14 21:57:04
From +14 to 8 in just 5 minutes! Is there a reason for this?