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Old Comments:

2008-11-15 01:46:27
stay in your car and don't forget who has the keys!
2008-11-14 08:59:32
That sounds that a fair piece of advice.
2008-11-14 07:18:39
Seeen is right..they like shallow caves where they lie in great big ol' if you're ever out in West Texas and you see a little cave that looks like it might be interesting to explore ( lotsa caves with lost Spanish treasure in 'em, you know ) you might wanta shine your flashlight in there, or kinda poke around in there with a stick before you crawl inside..or better yet, just stay on the trail. Or in your car.
2008-11-14 05:11:10
Those are diamond back rattle snakes. Just encountered one two weeks ago, and read 'bout it a little. Here I suppose they are preparing for winter and are actually going to sleep all together (and even with other species like king snakes). They make big swarms in shelters underground.
2008-11-14 01:46:37
Are you insane?? Why kill them? They are animals, just like any other! There are thousands of dangerous species, let's kill them all, huh?
2008-06-07 06:09:19
I hate snakes period. I used to wear them as belts by sticking their tails in their mouths. But now I can't stand the sight of one. I would kill it on sight. Pour some gasoline over those ones and set them on fire.
2008-05-31 01:37:31
If you do try that, Fyi_420, make sure you keep a good firm hold on it and try to keep its head away from your willie.
2008-05-30 23:41:12
fuck snakes.
2008-05-30 23:30:15
snakes! I hate snakes.
2008-05-30 22:32:16
You're tops with 'em stories, Patito!
2008-05-30 22:27:01
I'll take your word for it...haven't ever tasted any other kind..
2008-05-30 22:26:23
Of course...but then just about everything that walks, crawls, flies, swims or slitheres is good for gumbo...a guy was over in south Louisiana one time and he saw an old Cajun walking along carrying a shotgun, with a dead hawk over his shoulder..he asked the old fellow what he was gonna do with the hawk, and the Cajun said "make gumbo." Fellow asked him "how does that hawk gumbo taste?" Old Cajun says "Oh..'bout like owl."
2008-05-30 22:04:07
2008-05-30 21:14:17
The sight of it makes my skin crawl. I can't imagine stumbling across such a sinister scene.
2008-05-30 21:09:06
Good for gumbo?
2008-05-30 20:58:48
Yeeehaaw ! Jackpot ! Tastes just like chicken, and less trouble to clean !
2008-05-30 17:40:53
Rattler Love Fest.