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Old Comments:

2009-03-16 13:26:16
show those vampire fangs - markus! great shot!
2008-10-09 04:16:01
holy shit how gay is this fudge-packer?!
2008-10-02 14:40:51
No no the eyes are not edited. This photograph is not edited. The artistry of make up is similar to the old black and white silent films. His eyes are very abysmal and like a looking glass. I think the make up was very well done and achieved the effect. This is meant to be eerie and haunting like a remembrance of who we really are deep within. The darkness is hard to achieve but it was captured very well. This is a very beautiful and cryptic shot of this man and was very well done. I cannot say that I have ever seen anything like this.
2008-03-19 21:00:14
I didn't say that pictures of women are any different, I was just telling you why I voted this particular picture down.
2008-03-19 16:55:44
I think it is very unfair ... in addition depends on the hour. There is a slot in which there chaud which is dedicated to negative vote ...
2008-03-19 16:50:03
Bob1, Tell me a photo that appears in a girl who is not extremely worked ..., a picture of women in their natural state, this site does not exist and if there are minimal, but are the least votes are ...
2008-03-19 09:30:01
Derek Zoolander!!!
2008-03-19 08:15:55
He must play in some horror or sf movies.
2008-03-19 07:17:22
As many people here know, I'm all for pictures of guys. However, this picture is just plain creepy and I don't like it, so I voted it down :P. I don't really care for pictures of guys with make up and extremely edited eyes. Having said that, you're absolutely right.
2008-03-19 07:04:38
full ack, this guy creeps me out! nice pic though, a + from me..
2008-03-19 07:02:07
Sex sells
2008-03-19 06:45:00
Why are men receive negative feedback? I do not understand it, a photo of any woman is filled with votes and one of a boy, perhaps much better, the negative votes to bombard ... Which is what they are voting on when they give it a negative? Sex? The art? What? I do not understand.