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Old Comments:

2009-01-19 02:25:55
Sorry, Popolov, but this part makes me LOL: "there are many west of the German-Polish border who still refer to this Silesian town by the pre-war title of Breslau." If they're West of the border, they're Germans. Of course they will refer to it by the German name. They still want it, despite having lost their war(s) of agression. Still, a city or 2 seems poor compensation for 5 continuous years of occupation, genocide and terror they have visited on the Polish nation during WWII. The monetary compensation they were also supposed to pay to individuals taken as slave labor to work in their labor camps and factories was so late in coming, that most of them have died of old age. At least the city could not be witheld.
2009-01-17 03:11:54
you have meant Poland....Breslau is a name given under German occupation to the city of Wroclaw.