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Old Comments:

2010-01-30 14:06:48
Great pic of am amazing creature.
2010-01-28 01:43:16 you're talking!
2010-01-28 01:39:39
...but it might be okay to encounter one on your dinner plate at Salty Sam's Seafood Grill and Sushi Bar...
2010-01-28 01:02:05
Wiki: "Fully grown it can reach a leg span of almost 4 m (13 ft), a body size of up to 37 cm (15 inches) and a weight of up to 20 kg (44 lb)." - I would not like to encounter one of these on a night dive...
2010-01-28 00:34:13
But anyways, I voted it up :P Itīs interesting...
2010-01-28 00:33:33
Creepy :-|