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Old Comments:

2008-04-07 08:52:41
It looks like a bra might be edited out on this photo.. then again, it might just be suntan lines. What does it matter?
2008-01-31 18:07:05
is that before bra implantation??
2008-01-31 16:48:11
The man is husband #3 playwright Arthur miller. who penned the renowned "death of a salesman." Q:Why was Joe DiMaggio the official spokesman of Mr. Coffee for so many years? A:If you were married to Marilyn Monroe, would you want to waste your mornings making the cofee yourself?
2008-01-27 06:40:53
Guy in background is Miller......husband and play right.....
2008-01-23 23:41:37
The man in the background is probably J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.
2008-01-23 19:17:28
is that her husband, that writer or something, in the background of the picture?
2008-01-23 08:25:54
now who wouldn't wanna bonk her real hard
2008-01-23 07:34:11
I have never seen this pic before. Thanks for revealing it to me!!
2008-01-23 04:39:34