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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-07-02 07:05:06
oh dear...BC is deep. he has contributed to society and shares with us his deep views. puke--no one cares.
2008-06-30 00:07:11
Oh, BellCurve, calm down... telling people what they ought to have said must make you feel good, but it doesn't exactly matter. You may not like it, but none of us are very important. Calling that observation "sophomoric" is a sophomore's move. However, I did elicit some negative commentary from you - which reveals a lot more about you than the T&A pictures you typically post.
2008-06-29 07:43:14
BTW, look beyond the 50's style and imagine her dressed and coiffed in today's makeup and hair styles. I venture to say that she would impress this generation of men as she did those of her generation.
2008-06-29 07:40:36
Your opinion seems so rational and nonjudgmental, but it reeks with preconceptions and prejudice. "All of us are meaningless," sounds like typical sophomoric regurgitation. I am not meaningless; I have contributed to my society beyond merely existing. Please find someone interested in your pat existential claptrap, I had enough of that in college thank-you. Oh, BTW, it's alright, I gather, to prejudge those who post positive views of, "...usual, and utterly predictable, positive comments." --- I must admit, it takes some selfless quality to defend that comment, particularly when it is devoid of any constructive criticism. --- He could have said, "I usually find her too plump or large to be attractive to me, but not this image. I can see something attractive, but I just don't get her almost mythical goddess legend. Frankly, I just don't care if I see another picture of her. Her legend doesn't live up to my expectations."
2008-06-29 00:46:14
I agree with you gosh, that sometimes negative comments are interesting and revealing, but what's interesting about F!@!* Marilyn Monroe? and maybe you all didn't notice but we have been having an ongoing dispute about Marilyn on other pic's so I didn't mind FYI"s comment, I was expecting it. but you made a good point Bellcurve. I don't think positive comment's are predictable gosh, they can elicit positive feelings... and what's better than that?
2008-06-28 22:34:12
I'm always interested in the tendency to denounce those who make negative comments. A strong subject matter (Monroe) will elicit reaction. All of us are meaningless, BellCurve. Advocating Marilyn Monroe is hardly a profound philosophical argument against the inevitability of each of our deaths, or the ultimate meaninglessness of each of our lives. We live anyway, and look for meaning in our various acts of attraction and repulsion; it's the sort of animal we are. Negative comments do often reveal as much, or more, than the usual, and utterly predictable, positive comments.
2008-06-28 21:00:59
I am always interested in the motives of a person who stops by to say something negative, as if his meaningless person problems and opinions will affect any of us.
2008-06-28 09:29:57
Well I think if she was so meaningless she wouldn't be a legend, it's like that guy on the Jimi Hendrix picture, who said he was a better guitar player, please!! who is he?
2008-06-28 09:13:53
not a cow here. vaguely attractive. fuck marily monroe, big legend, meaningless.