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Old Comments:

2009-06-28 08:08:56
2009-06-28 08:02:59
As a matter of fact, me and ol' Reimer was having a beer down at the Dew Drop Inn just the other day, and I told him some friends of mine wanted to use some of his pitchures and would that be all right with him, and he said "Why Hell Yes...Tell 'em to take all they want..I got way more'n I'll ever use! And tell 'em to go on an' pick'em some squash and some 'maters while they're at it..just make sure they know to close the gate behind 'em." So, it looks like somebody 'round here don't know what the hell they're talkin' about, and need to shut the fuck up and stop botherin' folks. Just don't fergit, when ya'll get them pitchurs, be sure and close the gate so don't none of Reimer's heifers get out on the road.
2009-06-28 07:25:29
Drop dead troll...go play with your toy and go cry to mommy.
2009-06-28 03:41:51
This photo does not belong to you, it belongs to Reimar Gaertner. You did not ask permission to post Reimar's picture, take it down!!
2009-06-27 23:32:46
This is so beautiful- You have some GREAT fall pics- I wish there was a way to sort out the pics I saved in my favorites into categories so I could put all the seasons into groups.