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Old Comments:

2009-05-23 21:08:10
sorry mate, i like that picture and i wanted to vote + for it, but with ur dirty unwashed mouth, that only brings out a 'shut up', you'll get a downvote from me! have a nice day!
2008-06-30 13:16:41
2008-06-30 12:41:52
Hater my man lets see you do better! Or is this your only chance in life to give your opinion.----"s votes I DON'T CARE ABOUT! Doesn't hurt me a bit.I challenge you to do BETTER....... IF NO SHOW... SHUT UP!!!
2008-06-29 21:38:37
what do you want, lilly? to declare that people have to vote positive for your pics? than just upload better ones!
2008-06-29 06:37:42
Voting rules at Pizdaus --> 1) Don't vote a pic negative unless you think its total crap and shouldn't be on the site. For instance, like someones family photo we can all agree would we a lame post. But if its just an ok landscape or something like that, don't mark it down necessarily. Someone else out there could like it. I have seen some great pics (IMHO) that were marked off the site by going into someone's name tag. This is very disappointing. 2) Vote as much as you want for positive tags. My rule is, if I save it, it deserves a positive tag. Or even if I don't save it, if I stop at the pic and look at it for awhile, make it positive. now 35 vote(s) | written by: Derek