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Old Comments:

2010-12-14 14:48:26
She already does chew tobacco, Sister. Dips snuff too. I'm trying to teach her to spit but her lips are kinda slack and rubbery and she tends to just drool it down her chin .
2010-12-14 14:39:01
Connie...I'm shocked..shocked, I tell you, to think you would stoop to such vulgar language! You've been hanging around with that nasty old Patito so much that you've become just like him ! I expect you'll soon be chewing tobacco !
2010-12-14 14:28:35
Another typo...what can I say. Right now I'm drinking SanPellegrino Limonata - no booze there, just dumb ass.
2010-12-14 13:50:51
"Deluted?" Maybe you need to 'delute' that stuff you're drinking .. : )
2010-12-14 13:45:44
I don't mind if someone accusses me of post a particular comment. I just like to say I did not, and let people decided if they believe me or not. Not a big deal in the scheme of things. Oh...I remember that word "deluted" and don't forget "dementia", and another one by one of your cronies "delusional".
2010-12-14 08:52:22
Well, Connie Dear, now you know what it feels like to be accused of making comments that you didn't make, something that happens to me with considerable frequency. In fact, I am not 'Connie is a pest' although Lord knows you are one. And that you think I'm the only one here who is fed up to the gills with you and your bullshit just shows how deluded and out of touch with reality you are.
2010-12-14 07:02:40
And you JChip8, you're still up to your old tricks. No only do you take a photo someone (me) has just posted...remove the writing on the photo and re-post it. Now, you are 'flipping' via the paint program someone else's upload and re-posting. You're pretty sneaky.
2010-12-14 07:00:20
I did not make this comment...I use my username when commenting...except during a very short period I used the names police and ?, and I VOLUNTEERED the information. You, Patito, are getting tiresome with your dozen troll names.
2010-12-13 21:00:40
buzz off, connie! you're getting very tiresome!
2010-12-13 20:52:45
You are guilty of reversing picture and reposting