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Old Comments:

2008-03-19 08:13:36
No problem, just test a few times till you got it right. You might need some neutral filters to virtually increase the aperture number, so you can have longer exposure times without overexposing the photo in areas where the light is still and continous.
2008-03-19 07:07:29
Thank you Mihai. I have never ever done long exposures, but must try it at some time. Thank you again!
2008-03-19 06:02:24
Yes, it is called, long exposure :-). Close the aperture and set it to 15 mins or so. The sky moves, the rotation ax is passing through north star, in the left of the photo, where the lines are smaller, and where the radial motion is less pronounced. Easy?
2008-03-19 05:53:10
What was used to create the radial lines in the sky? Anyone know?