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Old Comments:

2008-07-08 19:44:35
Now this is a great though provoking image. Kudos to the creativity guy/girl who came up with this one.
2008-06-11 03:03:25
the paper is green, so maybe it is recycled paper or something. Just throwing that out there... green is being used more to symbolize environmentally friendly products. Anyway, I beleive it is still successful in getting its point across, whether or not it can be applied strictly in this country, or anywhere around the world. I think it is a very clever idea.
2008-05-21 10:22:13
IIRC 100% of American paper comes from paper tree farms making paper production 100% renewable and having nothing to do with deforesting South America or anywhere. I'm pretty sure deforesting in South America is mainly to develop farmland. It makes you think why the WWF wouldn't know that.
2008-05-21 10:05:36
aahha nice
2008-05-07 22:57:24
If this is so clever, why not make it an air dryer and save some paper?
2008-05-07 13:44:09
Grrrr... Patito, 'your scene' is just a bad pun!
2008-05-07 12:30:41
Brilliant idea.
2008-05-07 09:34:26
I don't know how much of this I can bear...
2008-05-07 09:32:37
I should clarify - they are *closely related to* the racoon family, not literally members of the racoon family, and are indeed NOT at all bears.
2008-05-07 09:28:20
Um, yes, yes it IS a member of the racoon family. Red pandas, racoons, skunks and weasles are ALL members of the same "family.
2008-05-07 09:10:43
Still not a member of the raccoon family though :P
2008-05-07 08:39:24
Perhaps you're thinking of the RED panda, Spocker? THAT is not a member of the bear family.
2008-05-07 02:53:52
Actually they're not, they're in the bear family (Ursidae)... just like other bears.
2008-05-07 02:40:51
Makes me think...that pandas aren't really bears, they are in the racoon family.
2008-05-06 23:40:02
Makes me think... that he wasted a whole stack of papers to take these pictures? lol