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Old Comments:

2009-03-08 01:28:30
Oh skip , you know I was just looking for points ! I knew I'd get two out of you :~) HEHEHEHE! ;~) No Connie , we can't see all the photo's. photos have popped up with 654 points . allot of them , but they are buried below . And then one day = oh that an excellent picture . Soooo many below deck ...they On another subject Connie it is best to NOT FEED YOUR TROLL... thats what IT its looking for...a rise...sick...but true...Ignore the best thing you can do with this person...She will pick on someone else . Probably me....
2009-03-07 15:09:15
I've never seen this photo before, yet now its under 'Recently Commented' - this happens often. I think that we don't see all the photos that are posted on Pixdaus. What do you folks think?
2009-03-07 14:50:14
Thanks lilly! I'm not sure when you posted this, but you know I love hummingbirds, this is great!!