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Old Comments:

2009-11-26 23:59:27
To Connie: Your comments here and under constitute a vicious attack on my character. But, given that you are so firmly entrenched in your beliefs, defending myself against your ridiculous statements is not worth my time and effort. Your 'theories' and accusations are so ludicrous that the only support that you could possibly get for them is likely to come from the loonies, weirdos and trolls. If that is the company you wish to keep, you’re welcome to it. From now on, Connie, I will steer clear of you and I hope you’ll extend me the same courtesy.
2009-11-25 18:11:40
I forgot to add that your friend Poppy has been keeping a very low profile - very quiet - not like her. She's playing her cards right. She looks like an innocent victim - I look like a mean bitch. Way to go Poppy...gotta hand it to're still the Queen of Pixdaus.
2009-11-25 18:08:13
And I certainly don't like your attitude, and have not for a long time. There is a cabal going on. I did say that, when Poppy put out an e-mail to contact me, there could be abuse. I'm beginning to see it now. Let Poppy respond for herself; she doesn't need a sidekick. You keep mentioning Poppy and yourself, and sometimes Patito, as getting continuously downvoted. It's beginning to sound like a broken record. POPPY IS NOT GETTING DOWN VOTED AND NEITHER ARE YOU. SHE HAS 98% AND YOU HAVE 97% OF YOURS PHOTOS POPULAR NO MATTER WHAT YOU TWO POST. THAT IS AN INCREDIBLE FEAT!! SO, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I can see Patito's photos getting down voted, because his are not for everyone. He does not post pretty little picture with babbling brooks, reflections of mountains in the meadow lakes etc. like some of us do. But, I vote for them because they are informative or historical or funny or... I'm sure some are downvoting his photos because of who he is, but it's not the main reason for the down votes. Peasant is a weasel. Obviously, you chose to ignore some comments he made to me before. I see that he's after Kev now. You have very selective memore.
2009-11-25 16:39:02
The reason peasant was able to bring up poppys picture along with yours is because poppy put a link on the pic for you, so peasant looked at the link, alot of people do that, so then he made a comment to her about, are there any pics you havent posted? When I said it might be embarassing I meant to you or poppy, and I added that it's embarassing to me too, when I make a mistake, my reason for commenting was to try and get you and poppy to get along again, because I thought it wasen't worth it over a repost. I have come on your pic just recently and pointed out you were being downvoted, I also said it recently when poppys pics were getting minus fifteen or something for about a week or more, another time lately I said on a pic that I saw where all of fuzzys pics had been downvoted and Danis pics and many others, the only reason I say besides poppy and patito is because they are the ones being talked about the most here in comments by everyone and I'm never sure if everyone would want me to point out their being downvoted, but I did mention to you lots of times that I saw the trolls were picking on you, and the downvoting, I guess it wasent enough. Anyway Connie I tried but I don't like your attitude, and I don't care who you are talking about I would say something, you call poppy a cheat liar and conniving while saying that you have integrity, and then you call peasant a weasel many times,,it's bullshit in my opinion that you have your mind so made up, in a computer world where we can't say for sure who's doing what. So i'm through you think whatever you like.
2009-11-25 15:51:06
It has nothing to do with how long ago comic book guy left; it was a very simple and fast search on my part, so I commented (please re-read my comment above), I certainly do remember you often commenting about you, Poppy and Patito getting downvoted. Your own comment above "...but I do see many posters being picked on not just poppy and patito". Since Poppy has 98% popular photos, why do you spend so much time and energy defending her? I repeat just mentioned my name ONCE and you wrote "...and sometimes Connie". However, I certainly did not write down where you put that comment, but it was fairly recent. I don't think anyone has been down voted so much for such a long time as I have been...almost two years. But, there is only loud silence about that. I wonder why. You mention that if I point out that someone re-posted it might embarass them. Did Poppy not do that...many many times? Did you never do that? Why are you always coming to Poppy's rescue? Why are you not telling her that it was not fair to select a photo that I posted well over a year ago? I don't think I said that you "are all up to something". But, I certainly believe that the cheating and down voting comes mostly from the premium users. For one thing, they are terrified of losing their standing in the 'Top' list. How pathetic is that?
2009-11-25 15:26:43
I don't remember calling the people who downvote poppy mean, and I definitely don't think I ever said and sometimes Connie's, unless you are taking that out of context where is that remark? Connie, old pics come up in different sections on here and we see them, I save pictures by tone or people who haven't posted here for years, so I did not notice it when poppy pointed out your repost, anymore than I noticed much when you were pointing out Danis reposts, or when you said recently that comicbook guy had already posted some picture to whoever you told about some repost , and he has not posted here for a long time. it was not something I thought I needed to comment on, but I have come out and said so when I saw your pics being downvoted one time just recently. I have enjoyed talking with you and had fun with you, but if you have your mind made up that we are all up to something then I guess I cant change it. I'm not complainning I'm hoping for a change around here.
2009-11-25 14:56:54
No, Poppy and I are definitely not alike. I don’t cheat, I don’t lie, I don’t purposely mislead, I don’t connive – I have integrity. I’m not obsessed about being at the top of the list – I don’t give a damn about that list. Poppy is driven by it. I welcome people letting me know if I reposted; I have even asked that this be done. It gives me an opportunity to apologize to the original poster. And, it gives me an opportunity to point out why I have re-posted – examples are: the original poster misspelled or omitted the name of the photographer, or wrong tagging/none at all. When I let a person know that they reposted a photo, I don’t down vote it like many others do…that would be mean. I have seen many reposts where I had to look longer to find who originally posted it (that often happens); in that case, I don’t mention it and I don’t down vote it because it’s not reasonable to expect someone to search pages to see if it was already posted. I only mention it if the original upload was properly tagged and/or there was the photographer’s name – in other words, if it was a simple and quick search on my part. I also don’t ‘revenge’ against anyone who let me know that I reposted or who disagree with what I have written. I have mentioned many times that when I first got on Pixdaus, I had no idea one could do a search, and that went on for about a year. The photo we are referring to was posted well over a year ago. Out of the blue, Poppy decides to let me know that I re-posted one of her photos. Her sidekick, Peasant the Weasel, who happened to be on the site exactly at that time, put a stupid comment under her photo so that both photos were together…wonderful teamwork! That was a deliberate and conniving action on their part. I find it interesting that you send me this comment, but none to Poppy. Why are you not asking her why she did that…after over a year? Also, you have many times pointed out how mean the people are who down vote Poppy’s photos. Only once did you write “….and sometimes Connie’s”. What do you mean by that? Poppy has posted 5685 photos, with 5587 popular (98 had 11 or less votes). That’s about 98% popular!!! You have also complained about getting down voted. You have posted 2640 photos, with 2575 popular (65 had 11 or less votes). That’s about 97% popular. You and Poppy have no reason to complain about down votes. I have posted 2325 photos, with 1655 popular (670 did not even get 11 votes). That’s about 75% popular. This has been going on for almost two years. You can’t blame the newcomers for this. After watching and observing, there is no doubt in my mind that it’s mostly premium users who have down voted my photos – even sending some to oblivion. Why don’t have a real good look at the votes I have for some photos who are from the best photographers on the Web and some who won national or regional awards. Then have a real good look at Poppy’s photos. I INVITE ANYONE ELSE TO DO THAT…IF YOU ENJOY FICTION.
2009-11-25 12:39:08
Connie, you told me once that I would make a good peacemaker, or mediator, I can't remember what they call it on the job, but I want to take another try at it now. I think maybe the reason you and poppy clash is because you are so much alike,I mean that in a good way, your both smart about lots of things and opionated and you both are unafraid to speak your mind no matter what the reaction from people here. So I have noticed you both talking to people about reposts or correcting someone when you think they are wrong on some subject, but I'm just going to guess now...I think when you have two women who are both smart that you both take some pride in that, and sometimes when people point out some mistake you've made in a public place like this, it's embarrasing, the same is true for me I can get too sensitive at times when I'm corrected or when I make mistakes. But just because people irritate us with certain behavior it does not mean that therefore they are a liar and a cheat. And now I'm changing the subject and I want to say something to everyone here,,,You can make up your mind, to think whatever you want of the different posters here in this anonomous world, but when it comes to the cheating, do you seriously think that any of us would be on here complainng about it as much as we have, and asking people to write pixdaus about it, if we were cheating ourselves? and wanted to carry on cheating? it's ridiculous, I want fair voting here and I think most people here want that. I'm tired of the games my kitten picture today was an example of how much they can cheat but I've had many pics in my file end up with zero votes in one days time, after having many votes, and I did not mention it on here because it's very difficult to get people to trust what you are saying on here. I don't know how long it will be before pixdaus does something about all the downvoting and cheating here, but I do see many posters being picked on, not just poppy and patito, but like I said, if we wanted to cheat we definitely would not be on here making a target out of ourselves, when I speak out I just get more downvotes. just think about it everyone, maybe we can come up with something, go on strike and quit voting altogether untill they fix this thing, maybe that's not the solution, but if we work together, instead of suspecting each other maybe things can change.
2009-11-25 07:53:36
What are you up to Weasel?
2009-11-25 07:45:50
So, now you have another gullible convert. Peasant to Poppy's rescue...good teamwork - you and Peasant both on site at the exact moment, thinking alike, supporting each other. Is he another member of your cabal? And, you responded OVER A YEAR after I posted this photo....absolutely fascinating!! After I teased your friend Peasant, he got his revenge with your help. The little weazel can't take a joke. Or, is Peasant your very own troll? Your going-ons have fascinated me for almost two years. Based on comments, a few have caught on to you. Many good posters left Pixdaus because they were fed up with what you were doing. I have written many times under 'comment' that I did not do any search for months after I started to post photos; I did not notice there was a search button...I did not even know that I was not registered until someone told me. I did not even know I had a home page...I did not notice such things as Recent popular, Newly added and so on. Why? Because I was just interested in posting photos and reading/making comments. Now, you and your cabal can keep downvoting my have done so for well over a year.
2009-11-24 21:32:05
Connie, I gave the URL of this pic under the pic you had posted! Peasant brought the pic up in seconds.
2009-11-24 06:51:45
Peasant, I see you've been searching through thousands of long-ago (over a year) uploads peasant? Looking for something in particular?
2009-11-24 04:37:24
=:O Is there any picture left or did you upload them all !