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Old Comments:

2010-08-10 16:22:14
I am confused about the title. I don't believe there is a road directly between Castolon and Lajitas. The road from Castolon goes to the Northwest part of the park by the Old Maverick road which enters a highway which leaves the park and then goes to Study Butte which then goes to Terlingua and then to Lajitas. The Northwest part of the park does come very close to Lajitas but to by pass the other towns you would need to cross Terlingua Creek and then across the Mesa de Anguila. Also the Old Maverick Road is two lanes and not one. This looks more like the part of the East side of the Old River Road. This looks like a copy of an ad for one of many outfitters that have Jeep tours of the Big Bend area.