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2009-11-17 01:04:29
Built in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1905 the Maheno was a 5282 ton triple screw turbine steamer. She served as a luxury liner, accommodating 254 first class and 201 second class passengers and was converted to a hospital ship During World War I. The Maheno was taken out of service in 1935 and sold for scrap metal to a Japanese firm. The Maheno left Melbourne on 25 June 1935 in tow behind the Oonah, a 1700 ton coaster which had also been sold to the same buyer. During a fierce cyclone the towrope broke and the Maheno drifted ashore and became stranded between Happy Valley and Cathedral Beach on Fraser Island in July of 1935. At the beginning of World War II the ship was used for bombing target practise by the Bundaberg aviation training school and for demolition practice by the Z force commandos. If you have been to Fraser Island you would most likely have stopped here...during the day this place is surrounded by many tourists