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Old Comments:

2011-12-17 06:09:00
My Pixdaus experience will not be complete till I express my appreciation for this fine work. Thank you Kevin Walker for an awesome job and for one of the most memorable contributions to date.
2011-12-17 03:53:55
Picture #16 is in Drumheller, Alberta and its a pic of the famous HooDoos landscape. t.
2010-02-15 19:01:06
Thanks Poppy! ;-)
2010-02-15 03:47:06
Kewlish is Skips second language
2010-02-15 02:02:43
Kewlscape! Another new word for the Pixdaus dictionary. - Kevin is kewltastically skilled in his art...
2010-02-14 22:30:39
Thanks Skip! ;-)
2010-02-14 13:50:00
Not landscape, Kevin,...Kewlscape! :) great job!