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Posted By:MykeSalmon

Old Comments:

2009-12-28 00:52:15
It looks like it probably is the "Stella D'oro' daylily -which has one of the longest blooming seasons of all of them. Blooms from spring to fall - and can be divided every couple of years - which is one of the reasons you see them everywhere
2009-12-27 23:06:22
And as the name suggests, the flowers only last one day. but it flowers profusely, so you won't miss the flowers so much when they go... :)
2009-12-27 22:32:24
Looks like what we call a Daylily here in the southern US...genus Hemerocallis....known as the lazy man's flower, as they pretty much take care of themselves and will multiply pretty quickly....they do best in an acid soil...any place where you have pine trees and azaleas daylilies will probably be happy...also, the flowers and buds are edible..interesting way to jazz up a salad...
2009-12-27 14:24:03
Does anyone know the name of this flower?