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Old Comments:

2008-07-13 14:29:07
Ben, I don't know what language is this but I can tell ya its not Slovak. (I appreciate that people in US have problems with Slovakia and Slovenia, Swiss and Sweden...) Anyway, its summer and Slovakia might be a good place to hang around - good and friendly people, low crime, good food and vine and beer, fairly inexpensive, and very pretty country. Some nice historic towns, mountains. People stop to hitchhikers. You might also consider visiting Czech republic and Hungary while you are there.
2008-07-13 12:57:53
Krazny! Vbornje!
2008-07-12 23:24:20
See, jchip8, I picked a really good picture to say congrats! (see my dog&cat picture to understand what I mean)
2008-07-12 22:10:45
Great capture, jchip8!