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Old Comments:

2011-04-06 23:27:06
Dear Tridelt, the answer to your question is that the user who signs herself 'corrrect information' is not the least bit interested in correct information but is a whiney mope and a social misfit whose entire life revolves around making herself as unpleasant and obnoxious as possible.
2011-04-06 19:06:22
Hello AAA or deltadeltadelta - I'm new here too and just today I tried to upload a photo but since I'm new I was awkward about it, and so I announced to everyone that I was new. And then I could not make comments anymore as TrudyTrueheart so I changed my name to improper exposure, and proceeded to harass other users as well as myself - so that no one would know that the new user called TrudyTrueHeart was actually me ! pretty clever huh?
2011-04-06 18:46:01
The butterfly is Boloria selene, commonly known as the silver-bordered fritillary. Interesting that 'correct information' should let this ride by and make such a huge issue over 'mantid' vs 'mantis' on my upload.