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Old Comments:

2008-04-16 03:50:29
Interesting analogy. The Mac has had a great reputation in the advertising industry over the years. Upgrading to the latest software is, or used to be, a bugger, because it just is not possible, as the new versions were not compatible with the older versions. (I do not know what the current situation is though.) Having said that, I taught myself in PC's and some years later decided to get a new iMac. I just could not get on with it, after having it for two weeks! MAC claimed it was intuitive to work with. I found it to be the contrary. I contacted the shop from where I bought it and they agreed to exchange it for a new PC!
2008-04-16 03:21:23
Say what you want about the Mac vs PC debate, but in the commercial I always find the PC guy way more likeable. The Mac kid comes across as a douche.
2008-04-16 02:32:51
The big problem with the analogy here, of course, is that a Mac goes as fast as a PC. Another big problem is that visually, a Mac does not compare badly with a PC. But the points made about add-ons and taking risks are valid.