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Old Comments:

2009-06-20 15:27:10
I know you had Gerenuks -I was just pointing out the ones standing on two legs -Are they evolving from being Quadrupeds?
2009-06-20 05:50:57
You're welcome, gotinha. I happen to adore gerenuks.
2009-06-20 05:48:59
Soooo...... Thanks to Poppy and Fuzzy!
2009-06-20 05:07:02
You're a tad late with the identification, Fuzzy. I was the one who tagged it gerenuk before your comment. ;-)
2009-06-20 04:24:21
thanks for the info. I didn't tag them because I did not know which animal it was.
2009-06-20 02:18:36
Bipedal Gerenuks