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Old Comments:

2008-05-14 10:23:41
More likely, a T-34/76, and after the Tiger was knocked out, it was used for target practice. In fact judging from the impacts, some full-penetration, some partial-penetration, and some no-penetration, I would say the poor tiger was the subject of weapons effectiveness testing. NOTE: Both are Lieutenants.
2008-04-29 03:55:26
That is M4 Sherman, deadly perforated and soviet tankists (of cource, not this tank crew).
2008-03-20 08:05:50
Evil bastards, Fred? Most of the men who actually fight wars are just regular guys who would rather be home working their jobs,diddling their wives, playing with their kids, or drinking beer with their buddies...they get swept up by war the way the wind sweeps up leaves, and most of them beleive God is on their side..The idea that one side is the good guys and the other is the bad guys is simplistic and Manilla Bay, when the US fleet had blasted the Spanish fleet into oblivian, Admiral Dewey said "Don't cheer, men..those poor devils are dying."
2008-03-18 09:26:08
looks like the bullets came from the inside.
2008-03-18 07:21:26
You (damn keyboard) wrote bullshit, rank on uniforms are Russian
2008-03-18 07:20:32
Toy wrote bullshit, rank on uniforms are Russian
2008-03-18 00:10:45
ok, then they can be even more lucky to talk about...^^
2008-03-17 23:53:26
Thank you, Panzer. There are no national insignia visible in the photograph so it was hard to tell the nationality of the crewmen or the tank.
2008-03-17 10:34:27
Correct....... What he said......... Tiger must have been in one helluva fight with multiple hits even in just this side of the tank......Hopefully they took a lot of evil bastards with them before they went to Walhalla...
2008-03-17 08:04:27
Actually that is a German Tiger I tank, and they are Russian tank crew.