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Old Comments:

2009-03-17 03:40:45
Very interesting photo of the famous Dead Sea slat deposits which, though ancient, continue to be one of the world's primary spources of slat. Most of us take slat for granted, and never wonder about how man first came to use slat, or where our common house-hold slat comes from. Today, science is poised on the threshold of breakthroughs in the production of synthetic slat, which will of course revolutionize the slat industry.
2009-03-17 03:31:13
I posted that photo a while back and got no votes. Yet, it's an interesting one. I could not find a bigger or better photo of the Dead Sea on the Net; I don't know why.
2009-03-16 22:46:15
true, well this one is one of the worse place..
2009-03-16 22:43:03
What about extremophiles? Organisms have been found living under the most extreme conditions where none have thought to be capable of existing.
2009-03-16 22:31:49
The Dead Sea is the lowest place on land thatís below sea level, at 1,378 feet. On the border of Jordan and Israel, the road around the Dead Sea also happens to be the lowest road on earth. Famous for its salinity (over ten times that of the Mediterranean Sea), the Dead Sea is said to be home of the first health retreat. Because of the extreme salt content, no life can survive in the sea, hence the name.