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Old Comments:

2010-01-04 17:25:28
You're welcome, skip. I really feel that Pixdaus should drop this voting system altogether. We can say in our comments if we like a photo or not. All they have to leave is just the bit where you can flag the pic as inappropriate if you do not like it to let Pixdaus know of our displeasure with it. I hope that things will run smoothly here very soon...
2010-01-04 11:37:12
Thanks PG, I was thinking you might post again, if Pixdaus would hurry up and make a move, I know some technical problems might take time, but they could make it a rule tonight where we upload pics, it could say..You MUST include the photographers name and website. That might please the photographers and make everyone feel better about posting here, but we need some direction from Pixdaus, so we are all doing the same things. I don't think that's alot to ask from them.
2010-01-04 10:23:19
Well said, skip... :)
2010-01-04 05:09:53
I think we can all get along again, it's a New Year and we can have a fresh start. I really hope that Pixdaus will do something NOW, about the unfair voting, and the troll comments, and also make it a rule to include the photographers name, and website, because I think that would eliminate a lot of the suspicion and fighting that goes on here, I think we all have something in common, we love the pics, but we can go to any site for that, the thing that makes this place special is the communication we have with each other. let's start over, and have some fun together!
2010-01-04 03:30:20
Yes, they are all the same user. :)
2010-01-04 03:16:25
Yes Skip - I would like to - If everyone is getting along alright again
2010-01-04 03:01:52
I was thinking you posted this, and I liked it too, I wanted to have a race last night with everyone joining in, but I couldn't keep my pc from freezing up, but I enjoyed the real estate pics, some of the captions were hilarious! let's try to get the races going again sometime, fuzzy blue one, what do you think?
2010-01-04 02:37:47
I like this one Powdery White One! Interesting name .. so was leafy green one and towering red one - Are you all the same person