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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-02-24 17:00:51
You silly silly Blank2, I did post a tree stump, but never a chipmunk...yuk, they are full of lice. I'm sorry to say my dearest Blank2, but I was expressing my strong feelings for Blank1...or was it Blank3? I am so confused! And you, heart of my heart throb, you will have to do better. Blank2 is such a sweet talker, so suave, so debonair, so je ne sais quoi.
2009-02-24 10:39:39
Interloper! Trying to steal my Connie's affections from me! Connie -Don't be swayed by his sweet talk.
2009-02-24 10:21:00
2009-02-24 03:15:01
connie my dearest, I know that others have come before me and after me - and I may be a blank in your heart- but you will always remain in my heart connie.. just to see your name under a pic of a tree stump or a chipmunk sends shivers through my spine! always and forever your devoted Blank2