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2010-07-10 16:28:39
You have a lot of imagination, MattGloss, however the readers have right to know what really happened. I picked up my foot, boot and all, and then brought it back down really hard. End of cat! End of story!
2010-07-10 11:24:00
A good story, MattGloss, but is it what really happened or is it wishful thinking? If it is real maybe there is an "after" photo?
2010-07-10 05:44:39
Aaaah - that's a beautiful story. My sister had an all- white cat called Snowball.
2010-07-09 21:56:42
Lovely, nice :-)
2010-07-09 21:43:19
The man gently picked up the kitty and took it home. In the kitchen he fed it warm milk and tuna, and after it had regained its strength he gave it a nice warm bath, then dried it off , and made a little bed for it in a cardboard box in a corner by the stove. But of course the kitty preferred to sit on the man's lap so the man could pet it and scratch its head and ears, which made the kitty purr contentedly. The man named the kitty Snowball, and he and the kitty lived happily ever after.
2010-07-09 21:13:26
I just saw this little Kitty with the big shoe. But it could be a sad story too (which I don't know).
2010-07-09 18:24:01
Doesn't anybody know - even FunBoy?
2010-07-08 14:16:45
I agree with all the above and cannot help wondering what happened to the poor little kitty. I wonder if there is a follow up story to this pic? I hope so and that it is a happy one.
2010-07-08 12:34:31
Poor kitty needs to be taken home, cleaned up, given something to eat and be loved
2010-07-07 12:47:21
FunBoy - Me thinks you don't understand the photo...based on your caption "Love the shoe" and tag "fun". The poor homeless cat is on its last leg, hoping that the man will feed him and/or take him home...his last hope. It's a very sad photo.
2010-07-07 07:07:17
I agree with you Libellule...this cat can barely stand on its own, it breaks my heart. It´s a great photo if it´s supposed to show mercy, compassion or even human ignorance, but nothing related to fun!
2010-07-07 07:01:43
Fun ? This poor little cat is so alone, so desperate/hopeless. So wet, so cold. How he is waiting for some help from this big warm shoe ... With all is heart ... His last hope ... Otherwise, he knows he has no more strength to continue. And will stop. His last hope. Fun ?