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Old Comments:

2011-01-24 14:59:24
Thanks for your clarification Gabrielle!
2011-01-21 14:32:48
Many thanks for that, Gabrielle. Yes, it would definitely make it hard to identify from the back. I knew that the bird was a lorikeet, but wasn't too sure which one it would've been. Again, well done Gabrielle for finding out the exact name of the bird... :)
2011-01-21 13:09:09
And a good picture it was too - but the newer one gave more of a back view and so made it rather hard to identify - I looked at quite a few pics before I "got" it.
2011-01-21 11:32:09
Good work, Gabrielle. Actually, I posted a photo of this particular bird previously on Pixdaus, so you'd think that I would've recognized the bird in question. Apologies for that, Gabrielle...
2011-01-21 09:50:31
I've found it - a Black Capped Lory, native to New Guinea.
2011-01-19 16:05:53
Nice pic. A Rainbow Lorikeet on the right, I think - but what is the other bird?