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2010-08-09 13:41:31
We also have a lot of homeless people in Vancouver, B.C. I don't see that many in Seattle where I visit a lot. A few years ago, businesses banded together and hired men and women to 'encourage' the homeless to 'move on'. They are called Ambassadors and wear red hats and jackets. When I see them hazzling the street people, I tell the goon squad to get lost or I'll call the media. They don't like publicity, so they are the ones that move on ;-) Even the police support the right of the homeless to stand or sit on the sidewalk. There has been many complaints about them, and we had a townhall meeting where many of us spoke out against them. So, we 'll see what happens. The problem is that most of the homeless people are either on drugs and/or are mentally ill. It's very hard to get them housing; they usually get thrown out after a couple of months because of drug dealing and drunken/harassment behaviour towards other tenants.
2010-08-09 11:48:52
I see all too much of this where I live: the Pacific coast in central Oregon. People with nothing but a dog who shares their moments. Not just once in awhile, but every day. Towns forcing them to "move on" with ordinances. Hunger kitchens filled, but with one meal a day. This is not the Great Depression my friends, then most people treated others as people, it was a shared hardship.