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Old Comments:

2009-12-18 10:49:08
The overwhelming preponderance of opinion among professional scientists across a broad range of disciplines is that the earth has been warming and continues to warm. There isn't even any serious debate about that in the scientific community any more. Rush Limbuagh and the executives of Exxon Mobile may not be convinced, but nearly all scientists are. J4J's comment reflects the kind of ignorance of basic science that not very long ago maintained that the earth was the fixed center of the universe.
2009-12-18 06:05:22
These bears are not "lost in a warming world." In fact, polar bears are avid swimmers, but often take rides on ice flows. The polar bear population is increasing, not decreasing. Pictures like this are often used to convince people that global warming is a threatening issue, and that we will all drown in 20 years. Hogwash! Global warming is cyclic, and is caused by the sun, not by carbon emmissions. The goal of the Global Warming pundits is 1. To tax us on the air we breathe. 2. Major air pollutors, such as the oil industry can buy "carbon credits" and continue polluting the air. 3. The taxes raised by the global warming scam will be used to develop a one world government. By the way, the earth has actually been in a cooling trend over the past 10 years.
2009-03-22 07:47:00
I just saw Observer publishing this same photo. It's really good when it's worth stealing! ;-)
2009-03-21 08:01:22
Arctic sea ice back to its previous level, bears safe; film at 11
2009-03-21 07:45:39
Shot around 60 miles off the coast Svalbard in the high arctic. The Cubs are around 6 months old and face an uncertain future in a word that is fast changing around them. LOST?