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Posted By:4dsux

Old Comments:

2009-06-02 08:20:07
Probably blames it on FIrestone. Serious note: One of these crossed the median and totaled my car. I was lucky it did not bounce and come through the windshield. It just crushed the engine (think "taco").
2009-03-18 13:37:01
For some reason a loose wheel seems to accelerate when it comes off. Of course one would take measures to stop as soon as he was aware of his problem while the tire rolled on. But truckers have told of seeing a trailer tire zipping past an being entirely unaware that it came from their rig until they pulled over to safety check.
2009-03-18 01:54:39
Haw Haw laugh of the day so far !
2009-03-18 01:44:32
Happened to me once. I had just changed into fifth at 80 km/hr when the rear left wheel came off. As I started breaking, the wheel overtook my car and kept going for quite a distance till a right-hand bend came and it went down a slope into the woods. Luckily, there were no oncoming cars. I had just had new tyres put on the day before, and the mechanics had forgotten to tighten the nuts on that wheel with a power tool and they had worked loose...
2009-03-18 01:02:41
"You picked a fine time to leave mr loosewheel!" Apologies to Kenny Rodgers.
2008-10-31 20:44:48
That's horrible, people should stop if they can to help because this is your wheel as well and if you ignore it is your wheel next.
2008-10-24 04:15:33
I think that's called 'losing a wheel!'
2008-10-24 02:31:02
I already experienced such thing. Unfortunately i was driving and did not have my camera pointing at the other car when it happened.