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Old Comments:

2010-12-17 20:28:20
Apologies for that. I think the link is better suited to being next to the tags. Thankyou anyway, Connie.
2010-12-17 18:25:18
I don't think I was clear - I meant that if you put the link with the caption, the eyes will go there instead of the photo...which is not what you would want.
2010-12-17 16:31:43
Everyone was saying that it is much better to put the link into the tag section, so the majority rules. I think I'd better keep placing the link with the tags. Everyone seems to like it that way better. As to putting the direct link with the caption, yes, I could also do it that way. Good idea, Connie. Many thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I should give that a go and see how that works out, Thanks again.. :)
2010-12-17 13:51:57
I don't think the link should be under the tag. If you put the link at the caption, it distracts ones eye from the photo. I think you should continue what you were doing - putting the link under comment. But, I wonder if providing the correct caption photographer's name and the locations of his/her photos would not be sufficient. Maybe those photographers you contacted asked that you provide the direct link.
2010-12-17 08:04:08
Apologies for leaving this link in the comment section, but I forgot to add this link yesterday to the tags and the comment section is the only other place where I can leave the link at . Many thanks....
2010-12-17 01:42:46
I've noticed that I have omitted to include the link to this particular photo. I apologize for that, especially to the photographer. I will place the link to this picture in the morning. Many thanks.... PictureGirl... :-)