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Old Comments:

2008-01-28 20:17:46
And, if you turn your head to the right, it kinda looks like a bird!
2008-01-08 11:43:25
It's a parent and child saying prayers.
2008-01-08 07:04:51
Oh, ok, tilt your head to the left and see Alfred E. Neuman saying his prayers....
2008-01-08 02:03:21
It's a painting
2008-01-07 23:40:12
Is it a photo or painting?...
2008-01-07 22:47:36
It's a Buddha! The image you should see is bilaterally symmetrical with respect to the land scape and it's reflection in the water.
2008-01-07 22:31:59
turn yur head to the left.
2008-01-07 22:29:29
I don't get it.