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Old Comments:

2011-04-23 00:35:39
Single.. Amazing :)
2008-04-03 17:23:05
Good answer patito!, I get your point, as to Just, yes Banksy is another one who makes a mess and that’s why so much of his work gets cleaned away as London council crack down on graffiti.
2008-04-03 09:58:10
I extrapolate from your comment that you think the work of the artist Banksy is also just 'making a mess of' perfectly good walls around the world.
2008-04-03 01:40:30
If one is interested in the phylogenetic origins of art, in why it came to be and in what ways it has been adaptive, this kind of naive art, the art of children and so-called primitive peoples is perhaps more illuminating than art created by trained professionals..
2008-04-02 20:28:32
What like a tramp making a mess of a perfectly good wall?.
2008-04-02 09:32:11
I am confident that the only culture you will EVER know is the fungus that grows between your toes...
2008-04-02 09:29:23
2008-04-02 00:34:50
No its a mess, its legal graffiti.
2008-04-01 22:53:55
let me think.... uuhhm... of course! It looks great. but if you prefer grey walls instead, feel free to live this way
2008-04-01 22:37:22
What a mess!!, would you really like this messing up your city?.