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Old Comments:

2008-01-27 03:48:53
R.Federer - so must be one of those baptist church priests :D they always see jesus' or angels' faces....everywhere ...
2008-01-26 09:34:17
Wow...I see the face of Jesus!!
2008-01-25 22:44:31
When I do this, for a short moment every single Dot disappears, then my eyes move, and voilĂ : there they are again
2008-01-25 06:54:07
Am I different? I don't mean i do not move eyes, but i see more than one circle when all dots disappears.
2008-01-25 04:22:05
Man, I tried that a couple of times really hard... But it never worked. Maybe my mind is suspicious nad forces my eyes to move... but seriously, I have no Idea
2008-01-25 00:36:26
Notice, that it is impossible to do not move your eyes when all pink dots are eaten. Any idea why?
2008-01-24 07:18:26
Must look at when eat some DXM.
2008-01-24 05:27:29
lol, Pacman ate the pink dots!